Senator Tom Carper applauds Joe Biden for VP pick

Kamala Harris

DELAWARE – Delaware Senator Tom Carper is applauding presidential candidate Joe Biden for choosing California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. Sen. Carper says that he thinks the pair will make a great team – and that Sen. Harris has shown passion in her time as a senator.

Sen. Carper says that the pairing of Biden and Senator Harris will ensure a win in the November general election. “I think they complement each other and there’s a great personal camaraderie, which is important. I think they’ll be a very effective team on the campaign trail – if they ever get to go on the campaign trail,” said Sen. Carper.

The senator tells 47ABC that he thinks Sen. Harris’ experience running for president has prepared her to serve effectively as vice president if elected. “When you go through the meat grinder everything there is to be known about you comes out. So it’s a vetting process. It’s a hard vetting process to go through. But it sort of makes somebody ready to serve,” said Sen. Carper.

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