Seaford singer & musician prepares for American Idol audition

Seaford, DE –  Life was not always easy for a Seaford singer, but he is hoping an opportunity of a lifetime will get his foot in the door.

On Wednesday, 47 ABC posted on social media about American Idol launching the search for the next big star. Tayvon Johnson says seeing that post was not by chance.

Johnson says he started singing when he was five years old in the church, and since then has been no stranger to going after his dreams. The artist and musician has auditioned for The Voice in 2012 and again this year. He also owns his own record label.

Johnson believes his demeanor and song choice may have been what was holding him back from advancing in the competition in the past, but he says this time he has the right attitude, the right song, and the right ambition to move through the virtual competition, even if he does not win.

“My intention is to go in to win,” Johnson said. “But I also have a different take on what is winning and success so I’m just going in with a much more tenacious attitude.”

Johnson says he will be singing “All of Me” by John Legend on Monday, August 10th when he auditions.

For those still debating on auditioning, he says you should always believe in yourself and have confidence, because you can accomplish anything.

To follow his journey, he says you can find him on social media. His Instagram is @TayvonJohnsun33. He says you can find his Facebook by typing his name, Tayvon Johnson.

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