Protesters put pressure on Gov. Carney to change conditions of DE prisons

DOVER, Del. – Friday afternoon, dozens of protesters stood outside Governor John Carney’s office demanding something be done about the treatment of inmates inside Delaware’s prisons.

“They matter. They matter to me, they matter to their loved ones, there’s someone’s dad, someone’s brother,” said protest organizer, Heather Morris.

“Citizens of Sussex County have the right to know what actually goes on behind the walls of SCI,” said Gena Holroyd, the wife of an inmate at Sussex Correctional Institution.

Former inmates and family members of inmates inside Sussex Correctional Institution say conditions are worsening by the second.

“I only had the clothes on my back for four days, no sheets. I was sleeping on a plastic mattress on the floor in a one-man cell,” said one former SCI inmate, Luke Erixson.

They also allege inmates that tested positive for COVID-19 aren’t getting the treatment they need.

“I personally have a cousin that’s positive for COVID-19 and he is having issues with medical to get a Tylenol,” said Erixson.

But officials at SCI are firing back. Denying all allegations in a statement saying, “We are in the business of providing quality behavioral and medical care to offenders in our custody We will continue to take extraordinary measures to screen, monitor, test, trace and treat to protect our staff and the individuals in our custody from the ongoing threat of COVID-19.”

Protestors though, aren’t buying it.

“They’re lying about what they tell you because they don’t want to have a bad reputation on their prison,” said Holroyd.

Now, protesters are bringing their concerns before Governor Carney with a list of changes they demand to see. Including providing inmates with proper medical care, having more accountability and transparency, and releasing inmates who are vulnerable to COVID-19.

“They’re telling the public that they’re ok and they’re telling the public that they’re doing everything they could possibly be doing but they’re not and it’s a lie, it’s all a lie,” said Morris.

47 ABC did reach out to Governor John Carney’s office for a comment or statement on the matter, and the list of demands that protesters want to be met, but we have yet to hear back from them.



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