Private Schools Address Reopen Plan


Public schools across Delmarva have been announcing their plans for reopening and have been deciding to go with a hybrid model.

Private Schools however are taking a different approach.

Head of School for Salisbury Christian School, Cathy Townsend says they have something in motion and they can’t wait for everyone to return.

“We do plan on opening the day after labor day and we’re just really looking forward to seeing our students and staff back,” Townsend says.

Private schools in Maryland have freedom to reopen in the fall, however, and whenever they see fit.

Some schools we spoke with, like Worcester Preparatory School and Salisbury School say they have plans to reopen for in-person classes.

Head of School for Worcester Preparatory School, Dr. John McDonald says they are taking all the precautions to make sure students and teachers feel safe.

“We have desk dividers, individual dividers for every student sitting at their desk– also a 6 ft plexi glass divider for the teacher to stand behind,” says McDonald.

Many of these schools have plans in place, to keep students safe and that includes having students wear masks as much as possible.

“Students will be required to wear a mask, they will have time when they have mask breaks particularly when they’re outside or when they’re eating,”  says McDonald.

But for other schools, they felt it was important to give parents the freedom to choose.

Salisbury Christian School is allowing parents to decide whether they want their child to attend classes in person or online.

When students are in school for in person classes, the school is making sure they have limited contact with other students.

“We’ll have an A day and a B Day and that will minimize the contact of students, we are going to have one way hallways in our upper schools so that traffic in the hallway is moving one direction,” says Townsend.

Overall, every private school we spoke with says they’re working to make sure they abide by the guidelines and make sure students feel safe.

“All of the students will be packing their own lunches and bringing them, we are trying to avoid large group gatherings because that is what the guidelines say not to do,” says Townsend.

All school leaders we spoke with say they hope everything goes smoothly this upcoming year, but schools like Worcester Prep say they have a back up plan incase anything comes up.

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