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EASTON, MD– Did you know that keeping your yard green can help keep Delmarva’s waterways clean? Through creating a River Friendly Yard, you can take a step in the right direction of keeping Delmarva green. This week on Live Green, Meteorologist Sloane Haines spoke with Darran White Tilghman and Zack Kelleher of Shore Rivers.

Located in the Chesapeake Watershed, Shore Rivers noticed higher than normal pollution levels in Delmarva’s rivers. To combat this hazard, they created the River Friendly Yards Program.

“All of the water that runs off your property, of any size, is headed for our rivers. So, there are so many practices that you can do on that land of any size. To help our rivers, to keep them clean. And in the mean time to create a really beautiful abundant habitat,” said Darran White Tilghman.

A way to create a River Friendly Yard is to implement native plants. These plants have deeper roots and absorb water quicker than other species. These native species can help detoxify the water before it reaches the rivers.

“The vast majority of the pollution that is impairing these waterways on the Eastern Shore and throughout the Chesapeake Bay is coming from right within the watershed. And so at first that is a little depressing, but it is also a great opportunity because it means that every single one of us in the watershed can positively contribute,” said Zack Kelleher

There are multiple types of river friendly yards, such as shrub necklaces, meadows and flash-vernal ponds, a pond surrounded by plants that collects runoff. Building one of these habitats is a great hands on activity for the whole family. It attracts people of all ages and wildlife alike.

“My kids and I built a little mini meadow. Believe me, I’ve seen tables that are bigger. The minute we put it in it was so gratifying and within weeks, there were dozens and dozens of monarch caterpillars,” said Tilghman.

By implementing a river friendly yard, you are not only purifying Delmarva’s waterways. You are ensuring Delmarva’s greenery stays healthy for years to come.

If you are interested in creating a River Friendly Yard or want to learn more, please visit their website. Here, you can find a list of different river friendly yards and contact information if you are interested.

If you know a green business on Delmarva, please send their contact information to Meteorologist Sloane Haines.

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