Live Green: Nanticoke Watershed Alliance

VIENNA, MD.– Surrounded by wildlife, untouched land and rural charm, the Nanticoke River flows about 64 miles from Southern Delaware to the Chesapeake Bay.  Almost 30 years ago, officals came together to preserve, protect and restore the river. This week on Live Green, Meteorologist Sloane Haines spoke with Lisa Wool and Beth Wasden of the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance.

Rivers have been sources of life and natural resources for thousands of years. With modern times, it takes a team to keep these water sources clean. Formed almost 30 years ago, the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance continues to play an integral role in preserving the Nanticoke River.

Lisa Wool said, “Our main mission is of course improving and protecting the Nanticoke River. We have a three pronged approach, our basis is always science.”

This organization oversees various projects that share a common goal. These acts work to purify the river through storm water management, rain gardens and more. They recently showcased their bioreactor, which looks like a pile of wood chips.

“It also has different boards in it. If a farmer wants to keep some water in a ditch because it’s August and it’s going to be dry, they can put more boards in, so that they have more moisture in their fields. Or if it’s spring time and it’s raining like crazy, they can take boards out and water drains much quicker, ” said Wool.

For those of you curious about the bioreactor, you are able to visit it at Layton Farms on one of their walking paths. But, if you are looking for other ways to learn more and get involved, reach out!

“Actually, social media and our website are great ways to stay in touch. I would say if you’re really interest in what we’re doing, joining the mailing list is the way to go,” said Beth Wasden

During these unprecedented times, this organization has found ways for people to stay engaged. The Nanticoke Watershed Alliance offers educational videos and resources for all ages. From teaching tomorrow’s future to building bioreactors, this organization continues to keep Delmarva’s waterways clean.

To learn more about the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance visit their website. Here, you can find information regarding environmental educational programs, projects and more.

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