Live Green: Cambridge Farmer’s Market

CAMBRIDGE, MD- Fresh produce, savory sweets and local meats are just a few items you can find at the Cambridge Farmer’s Market. This week on Live Green, Meteorologist Sloane Haines spoke with Julie and Annie Harris of Harris Farms, which is a local favorite at the market.

On Thursday afternoons from May to October, the Cambridge Farmer’s Market is in full swing. Held along the waterfront, ten to twenty vendors gather each week.  The Harris family of Harris Farms tells us they have been frequenting farmer’s markets for generations.

Julie Harris said, “Her grandmother, Sharon Harris, started going down there originally. To add to what we’ve also been doing. We’ve been doing the Easton Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. So to add to it, we started going to Cambridge and Oxford.”

Shopping from local farmer’s markets helps reduce your carbon footprint by buying local. And Harris Farms is a local favorite because of their fresh produce.

“Our biggest seller is sweet corn. We take at least 60 dozen every Thursday and we sell out by 5 o’clock. Watermelon and cantaloupe are definitely another big seller. Tomatoes and peaches are right behind. Those 5 or six things are our biggest sellers,” said Annie Harris.

During the ongoing pandemic, the Cambridge Farmer’s Market had to adapt. Now, electronic payment is preferred, social distancing is encouraged and you need to wear a mask.

“There’s a lot of people we want to keep happy and make them feel safe. So, you know, obviously wearing the mask, we’re trying to make sure everyone keeps a safe distance. We’re also trying to not allow everyone to touch everything,” said Annie Harris.

When you continue to buy local – you’re also helping local growers, creators and farmers keep their jobs. A move that helps keep green communities – flourishing.

For information regarding the Cambridge Farmer’s Market, please visit their website. Here, you can find a list of vendors and new policies for these unprecedented times.

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