Dover hiring five more officers thanks to federal grant

DOVER, Del. – The Dover Police Department is growing and it’s all thanks to a federal law enforcement grant.

Mayor Robin Christiansen says the grant will allow them to hire five new police officers. Those officers will come on board in March 2021, bringing their authorized strength to 106 police officers. These officers will be specifically designated for the community policing unit. Mayor Christiansen says the city faced challenges getting that unit up and running in recent years because of manpower, retirements and resignations due to the current climate surrounding law enforcement.

“We haven’t been able to put that community policing unit on the street to do what we would like to do and that’s interaction with the community, having the police officers develop a rapport with the citizens that they serve,” says Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen.

Mayor Christiansen doesn’t believe they’ll have any issues filling positions. He says they just put together a hiring process for eight new officers and had more than 200 applicants for those spots. Dover is one four agencies in the state that is authorized to operate their own police training academy, which starts on September 10th.

The city’s officers serve 28.6 square miles. The night time population estimate for Dover is close to 40,000 people while the day time population estimate is anywhere from 75,000 to 80,000 people.

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