Delaware State Fair wraps up for 2020

HARRINGTON, Del. – After more than a week of fun, the Delaware State Fair is coming to an end Saturday, and although attendance was down because of the pandemic officials say this year’s fair was still a success.

“We feel overall it’s been a very safe fair and we know attendance is down, but our measurements of a successful fair is we put on a fair and we’re thankful that folks have supported us,” said Delaware State Fair Assistant General Manager Danny Aguilar.

Fair officials say new guidelines like social distancing and an increase in sanitizing efforts kept fairgoers safe.

They also controlled how many people came in each day.

“We did not want a full 300,000 folks coming into the fair that we in the past years have been able to enjoy,” said Aguilar, “So, we really wanted to make sure that things were spread out, spaced out.”

“We have our washing stations and even the restrooms you can eat off the floor in there,” said Serge Coronas, owner of Circus Hollywood.

“They’re unbelievable and they’ve just done a great job,” said Coronas.

According to Coronas, the Delaware State Fair proved that it was possible to safely open a fair during a pandemic.

“The people are saying yes it is safe, yes we can have a fair and a lot of the fairs just canceled months from now,” said Coronas, “So, they proved here that we could do it safely.”

Overall, fair officials say this year’s new changes will give visitors at next year’s Delaware State Fair a greater experience.

“So, I think from technology, RFID, cards, mobile app experience moving forward we definitely see that integrated and that’s something that we’re excited to see grow,” said Aguilar.

Fair officials say representatives from 15 other fairs came to visit the Delaware State Fair to learn about how they opened amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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