Del. Anderton Jr. says he has the skill set to get Wico. Co. through the pandemic

SALISBURY, Md. –  Although Del. Carl Anderton Jr. (R – D38B) says he loves his job in Annapolis, he also says he’s ready to come home to Wicomico County if he gets the county executive job.

The job became available after the passing of County Exec. Bob Culver, who battled cancer for months. Now it will be up to the county council to decide from a list of four candidates who will serve the remainder of the term.

Del. Anderton Jr. says part of the reason he would be open to leaving Annapolis for the job is that he’s been prompted by people in the community to come home to take the position. He also believes that the relationships and skill set he’s developed in the state capital could help the county weather the rest of the pandemic.

“We’re looking at a billion-dollar cut at the state level and that’s going to trickle down to the county level. So there’s going to be less money on hand to do more with and we’re not going to raise taxes, we’re going to find ways to get creative and go after grants and we’re going to bring in a grant writer and a grant administrator and we’re going to really prioritize bringing in money from other areas, ” said Del. Anderton Jr.
Del. Anderton Jr. also says if the council chooses him he plans to meet with the local police, fire, and government in each city and town inside the county to see what they want and bring them into the discussion.
As of right now, three other candidates have applied for the position. County Councilman Joe Holloway, Dr. Rene Desmarais, and former county finance director Michele Ennis.
We’re told the council will vote on a successor by early September.
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