BOE officials call on high school students to serve as election judges in Maryland

SALISBURY, Md. –  As we inch closer to the November election, the need for election judges in Maryland still remains. That’s why the State Board of Elections is now calling on high schoolers to get involved. Recently, Maryland Board of Education officials sent out a letter to students asking them to consider becoming election judges. They told students that election judges play a critical part in the democratic process.  According to Maryland law, students can serve as an election judge if they meet certain requirements. And while some local election boards here on the eastern shore say they’re lucky enough to be fully staffed, they say it never hurts to have more people on board to help out.

“We certainly are very welcoming of 16-year-olds and older who want to volunteer to help out. The law changed to allow persons 16 or older to register, obviously, they couldn’t cast a ballot until they were 18 but once you’re registered, you are eligible to be an election judge,” said Wicomico County Board of Elections Director, Anthony Gutierrez.

If you’d like more information on how to be an election judge click here.

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