Anchor Church hosts Back to School Giveaway to set students up for success

MILFORD, Del. – On Saturday, dozens of cars pulled up at the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club to help kids in need get ready for the new school year.

“It’s awesome, and we’re very blessed to have people like this in our town,” said Yolanda Ortiz, a Milford resident.

The event called Love Milford offered kids school supplies, masks, uniform tops and a chance to win a bike, desk and even cooking lessons from the business My Sister’s Fault.

And organizers say right now there are many families who’ve lost their jobs because of the pandemic, so this event was needed.

“During this pandemic, we know that a lot of people feel hopeless and they need some hope in their lives,” said Rachel Bowman, co-pastor at Anchor Church.

“So, we’re here to let them know that we love them, that we’re here for them and that we will help them tangibly when they go back to school,” said Bowman.

“Maybe they’re struggling coming back to their school year, and with these resources, they feel relief and so that is what we aim to do,” said Event Organizer Melanie Figueroa.

Ortiz says the pandemic hasn’t made it easier to get her grandkids ready for school.

“My one daughter lives with me and then my granddaughter she lives with her mom, but I have them a good portion of the time,” said Ortiz.

“It’s been hard, it’s been hard, but you know, what can you do,” said Ortiz.

Overall event organizers say this event is just a step in the right direction to help lift families during a difficult time.

“We have been able to reach a hundred and some kids and their families and whatever we do here it doesn’t end here, it continues at their houses and their local communities,” said Figueroa.

Organizers say any school supplies left over from Saturday’s event will be donated to the Milford School District.

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