“We’ve got your six” – People gather to support law enforcement in Dover


DOVER, Del. – Monday people gathered in Dover to let police know that they have their six.  Those who attended feel that police need their support now more than ever. “I think it’s always important. I think it’s just even more important for two reasons. One being the very high anti-law enforcement atmosphere – and the election,” said event organizer Susanne Whitney.

Whitney tells 47ABC that she hopes police officers will feel supported by the event. “Our men and women are out there every day – especially in this hot weather – doing everything they can to keep us safe. I think they need to know – and they deserve to know – that we’ve got their six,” said Whitney.

State Captain for Delaware Patriot Guard Dan Kapitanic says no matter what – they’ll support their police officers. “We want all police to understand that they have someone supporting them. We got their six. Running down the road – we see an incident, we’re going to stop and help,” said Kapitanic.

After saying the pledge of allegiance and reading off the names of local police officers killed in the line of duty – supporters taped a thin blue line on the street in front of attorney general Kathy Jennings’ office. Kapitanic says the group wants to show their support in any way possible – no matter how big or small. “There’s been a lot of degrading for them and everything – and when you stop and look at it there’s only like a half of a percent that are actually bad cops. The rest of them are all good cops. They’re out there doing their job. They’re risking their lives for us,” said Kapitanic.

Dover City Councilman David Anderson was there to show his support – and says that he also understands the importance of police accountability. “We always need to strive to be better. That’s what America’s about – continuous improvement. But to do that, we don’t need to demean those who are doing the job well,” said Councilman Anderson.

Councilman Anderson also says when it comes to supporting law enforcement – he wants to serve as a voice for his constituents. “As a city councilman I’ve heard from a lot of people. The community is behind the police, and that seems to be true all over Delaware,” said Councilman Anderson.

Whitney says that the group is planning to have similar events in the coming months. She says that they should be coming soon they’re just working on locking down dates and locations.

47ABC did reach out to Attorney General Kathy Jennings’ office for comment – but did not hear back.

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