The Brightside: Spreading kindness in Salisbury

SALISBURY, Md. – We all have a passion, a hobby, something that gives us purpose. For Grace Foxwell Murdock, it’s spreading kindness.

Foxwell-Murdock is a retired school teacher. Now, she has another full time job serving as the City of Salisbury’s first ever Secretary of Kindness.

Foxwell-Murdock said, “When you put kindness out into the world, it will come back to you in some form.”

Her mission to spread kindness started in 2012 following the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“I really felt that those children and those educators were part of my responsibility to do something,” she said.

Even though she was miles away in Salisbury, Foxwell-Murdock wanted to take action. One day while scrolling through Facebook, she stumbled upon a quote from Mr. Rogers mother that said, “In times of tragedy, look for the helpers.” Those words spoke to Foxwell-Murdock, inspiring her to make bracelets that encourage people to count acts of kindness throughout the day…but the bracelets were just the beginning.

Over the years., Foxwell-Murdock has gotten schools in the area to install buddy benches, she’s helped start a kindness commission in the city, she’s started the non-profit, Wicomico Grows Kindness and the icing on the cake?

Martin Hutchison, a good friend of Foxwell-Murdock’s said, “You know she’s helped Salisbury achieve the first World Kindness USA City status, which is huge.”

Foxwell-Murdock’s efforts have made her quite the icon in her community.

Laura Soper who works with Foxwell-Murdock said, “You know when Grace is in the room because she is smiling, she’s happy, and she’s making you feel welcome in every way she can.”

Hutchison added, “She is the kindest person around, she just oozes it.”

But Foxwell-Murdock insists that all of this is not about her.

“My intense joy through this entire experience is for what it does for other people,” she said.

For Foxwell-Murdock, being a friend and showing others kindness is her purpose. It’s that purpose, that passion that’s inspired Foxwell-Murdock to keep spreading kindness for years to come.

“This has been some of the best years of my life,” she said.

If you would like to buy a kindness bracelet from Foxwell-Murdock, you can contact her on Facebook by clicking here.

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