The Brightside: Delawareans encouraged to ‘give kudos’

SUSSEX Co., Del. – Spreading positivity by having others write down a message about something or someone they’re grateful for… That’s the goal of a movement called Project Kudos.

Adelina Riddick, the Social Media Coordinator for Project Kudos said, “What we do with Project Kudos is basically spreading positivity and good vibes.”

It all started with employees at Schell Brothers, a building company in Delaware, giving each other kudos to show appreciation for one another.

Alyssa Titus, the Director of Marketing at Schell Brothers said, “We have kudos stickers, you’ll see people’s offices kind of peppered with them.”

It quickly evolved into something more. In 2018, the company published a video of employees reading kudos out loud that were given to them anonymously. The video resonated with thousands of people, inspiring the Project Kudos movement.

Titus said, “So when we realized that it was really connecting with people, we thought we had something there.”

You can now find members of Project Kudos in areas throughout Sussex County handing out items like t-shirts and encouraging people to write down kudos.

Also, you just might see members of the Project Kudos team rolling around on the Project Kudos bus which, during the pandemic, has served as a mobile food pantry of sorts for families in need.

Titus said, “We ourselves did 47 deliveries and delivered 5,350 plus sets of groceries to families.”

You can also see them online posting things like daily happiness challenges and messages of encouragement.

Riddick said, “I think this is what it’s all about, being happy and just inspiring others to smile.”

So if you’re ever in need of a pick me up, take a page out of Project Kudos’ book and write a message about something or someone your grateful for.

Representatives of the Schell Brothers say they plan on donating a dollar to a charity for every kudos that’s given this year.

If you would like to give kudos to someone, you can do so on their Facebook page, or on their website

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