Talbot County Schools approve new phase-in model to give students fair learning experience

TALBOT CO., Md.- The Talbot Board of Education has approved a phase-in model for the 2020-2021 school year.

Talbot County schools’ plans include five phases, and changes to any of these phases will be pending on a daily evaluation of health statistics with the local health department.

The first week will consist of phase one, where students will begin in a virtual setting.

In the second week, the district will begin a phased in approach and special population groups will be offered face-to-face instruction.

All students will have the opportunity to be face-to face during phase 4, and hopefully all students will be face-to-face during phase 5, but that depends on if it is safe to do so.

We are told the goal of the model is to make sure every student has a fair learning experience.

“So we do still have a lot of students who don’t have internet access, that’s part of the reason why we need to offer the opportunity for face-to-face learning, that’s very important and that’s why we couldn’t just say we’re going all virtual for the whole semester,” Debbie Gardner, Coordinator of Public Relations and Special Programs, said.

Another importance of last night’s meeting was that the board voted to start the school year on September 8th.

Originally,  they were supposed to start August 24th, but I’m told this extra time will give teachers time to prepare for virtual learning.

We are told the final reopening plan will again be presented to the Board of Education at their meeting on August 12th, and the decision will be posted as required by MSDE on or before August 14th.

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