Sen. Carozza says she supports keeping MSP aviation units on Shore

MARYLAND – On Friday Senator Mary Beth Carozza sent a letter to Maryland State Police Superintendent Colonel Woodrow W. “Jerry” Jones III in support of the continued operation of the Maryland State Police Aviation Command on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Carozza says she supports keeping these services on Maryland’s eastern shore specifically to keep Trooper 4 and Trooper 6 Medivac emergency services readily available. The state senator says imposing budget cuts and removing the “emergency life-saving airborne medical services” would have a “life-threatening negative impact” on the residents.

“I understand in the current fiscal COVID-19 environment that cuts to Maryland’s budget are inevitable,” said Senator Carozza. “However, I understand that there are other professional analyses that have identified alternative savings rather than making detrimental, life-threatening cuts to the critical services provided by Trooper 4 and Trooper 6 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.”

Carozza says she urges Superintendent Jones to reject any budget cuts that would threaten the aviation services on the shore.

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