Salisbury University announces what students can expect from dining halls in the Fall

SALISBURY, Md.- Believe it or not, Salisbury University’s usual start date is next month, but when students return their dining halls will look different.

Many of the buffet styled services students are used to will be gone.

The university also has plans to limit self-service areas and provide more pre-portioned items.

Plus, they will offer touchless swipe-in entry and wellness shields at all cash-handling stations.

SU’s Public Relations Director said they are trying to give students as much normalcy with these changes when they come back in the Fall.

“Will have the opportunity to dine in the dining hall and at our satellite dining locations, but with some changing and restrictions, so it’s important that students be able to have as much as the college experience that we’re able to give them, and we think we’re going to be able to do that pretty well,” Jason Rhodes, Salisbury University Spokesperson and PR Director, said.

We’re told Salisbury University will also be partnering with Grubhub for students eating at places on campus that aren’t a part of the dining hall.

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