Peaceful protest held in Dover for Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén

DOVER, Del. – People in Dover gathered on Sunday for a peaceful protest to demand justice for Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillén.

“She was serving, but her country let her down,” said Dulce Balderas.

“So, it hits home because we’re Latinos and we’ve got to stand up for each other,” said Balderas.

Protestors marched with signs and flags at the Dover Mall calling for a congressional investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Guillén who was allegedly bludgeoned to death with a hammer by a fellow Fort Hood soldier in April.

Investigators say they discovered the 20-year-old’s remains on June 30th after she went missing for months.

Guillén’s family says Vanessa had been sexually harassed by the perpetrator and protestors tell 47ABC the Army had no sense of urgency in the investigation.

“It’s frustrating that it took all this time and I think to myself what would have happened if it would’ve been different if they would have looked for her right there and then maybe they would have found her alive you know?” said Deyssi Alvarado.

Protestors add that there needs to be more protection for women facing sexual harassment and that this incident has affected many military families.

“My sister is in the military,” said Alvarado, “She’s a Marine and she’s been in it for four years and she keeps going, so it hit my mom really hard too.”

“She says she couldn’t bear to imagine the pain that Vanessa’s mom is going through right now,” said Alvarado.

Some protestors tell 47ABC they hope Sunday’s protest will help make a difference for all military families moving forward.

Organizers say they are planning on holding a vigil to honor the life of Guillén.

According to Texas Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy has agreed to appoint a panel to investigate how the case of Vanessa Guillén has been handled at Fort Hood.

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