Paving stones making streets safer in Berlin

BERLIN, Md. – In Berlin paving stones were installed at the corner of Pitts and Main Streets. Town leaders say they’ll keep pedestrians safer. “Last year we tried to plant flowers here but the traffic and pets and kids and skateboarders – it just wasn’t conducive for flowers. It’s always been a problem for us,” said director of economic and community development Ivy Wells.

Wells says the pavers were paid for through the Façade Grant from the Department of Housing and Community Development. “Every year the town applies for facade grant funding through DHCP which is the Department of Housing and Community Development to be able to offer a grant program to businesses and the town to use for public improvement,” said Wells.

Wells tells 47ABC that the pavers make it easier for people to cross the intersection. This has become a pretty busy corner and you couldn’t really come out and look both ways to see if there are cars coming. So now with this here it’s safer. People can actually see the traffic coming,” said Wells.

The Berlin Farmer’s Market will also benefit from the pavers, according to Wells. “Our farmers markets take place on this street and on commerce street. We like to close down roads sometimes for events and this will be the stage for live music,” said Wells.

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