Ocean City experiences flooding, beach patrol issues reminders

OCEAN CITY, Md. – For many people, Friday morning’s commute was done under heavy rainfall and in some cases flooded roads.

“It’s pretty crazy. You’ve got the roads all covered up and everything. It’s tough to drive around. We had to take my car through, trying to get coffee earlier, and we were trying not to get flooded out and everything so it’s pretty wild,” says Evan Patterson, an Ocean City visitor.

Some roads in Ocean City were submerged Friday morning after Tropical Storm Fay brought more than five inches of rain to the resort town. “I remember we woke up and looked out from the balcony and these sidewalks right here were just completely covered in rain,” says Amel Rekovic, an Ocean City visitor.

Officials were seen blocking off roads near the inlet to prevent people from driving through the standing water. “You see cars just halfway up right in the water here trying to get through,” says Rekovic.

Some visitors say they had to change their plans because of all the rain, opting not to go out into the ocean. “We are going fishing. We were going to go jet skiing but figured we will wait on the waves and all that so we will take that up another day,” says Patterson.

Ocean City Beach Patrol says it’s a good idea for swimmers to be cautious this weekend. “We definitely have an increase in the size of the surf, two to five foot waves, dangerous conditions out there for beachgoers,” says Lt. Mike Stone.

If you do go swimming, officials are reminding people to be aware of their surroundings before they go into the water and recommend checking in with lifeguards. “We always encourage people to check with the lifeguards on duty especially to speak with the lifeguard about any potential hazards in the area they on the beach,” says Lt. Stone.

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