Maryland State Police continue search for Denton homicide suspect

DENTON, Md. – The family of James Wilmer is speaking out as after two weeks authorities still have not found the person responsible for his death.

According to the victim’s family, police have different leads on where the murder suspect 33-year-old Jamaine Cheers may actually be, but they have yet to find him.

The victim’s father says his son’s death has been devastating for him and his 11 grandchildren as well as the entire Denton community.

“I’ve asked the Lord, just take me, so that I can be with him,” said Wilmer’s father Elbert Demby.

“It hurts so bad. It hurts me, you know? Until my baby even at the age of 13, I mean at the age of 30 he was still my baby,” said Demby

“You understand? I still had to take care of him and now I’ve got the 11 grandkids.”

Maryland State Police are encouraging anyone with information on where Cheers may be to call them at 443-783-7230.

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