Live Green: Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury University

SALISBURY, MD.- In this week’s Live Green, Meteorologist Sloane Haines spoke with Dr. Kristin Sullivan and Gina Vieira, who work at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury University.

Tucked away in the heart of Salisbury, lies the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. Known for its art exhibits and scenic surroundings, the museum is also an environmental learning hub.

“Even though we’re known for being a wildfowl art museum, we do a lot for our education department. And a lot of that focus is on environmental education. We help students in the region reach environmental literacy standards,” said Dr. Kristin Sullivan.

The Ward Museum has been a Salisbury Certified Green Business, since the program started in 2019. To be a Maryland Green Center, the museum has used renewable energy, incorporated native plants into its landscape, and much more. But, its most important role as a Green Center is to support local Green School Applicants.

“So our big thing is we’re a green center with the Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education. Meaning we help local schools in the area become green schools,” said Gina Vieira.

In Wicomico County, there are currently 14 green schools. Through educational outreach, the Ward Museum reaches 21,000 student contacts each year. A lot of the projects involve student engagement, like the Youth Environmental Action Summit.

Dr. Sullivan said: “They [the students] put together these projects. They present them to a crowd at this one day summit and they go out into the world and carry out their programs.”

Once the students present their plans, they could receive funding for their projects. These action plans range from implementing reusable straws to building roof top gardens. The Ward Museum truly practices what they preach in hopes of providing tomorrow’s future with sustainable foundations.

For more information regarding the Ward’s Museum educational outreach programs, please visit the Ward Museum’s website.

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