Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally to be held in Georgetown on Monday

GEORGETOWN, Del. – State officials are getting ready to hold a rally tomorrow to show support for law enforcement.

The rally will take place at The Circle in Georgetown and it will be led by Republican Senator Brian Pettyjohn.

According to Senator Pettyjohn, the rally is a chance to show appreciation for state and local police officers.

He says this kind of support for law enforcement is needed and that members of the Delaware State Police, the Georgetown Police Department and other law enforcement agencies will be present at the event.

“Delaware law enforcement is some of the finest in the nation,” said Pettyjohn.

“We have well-trained professional officers that are out there every single day that are serving our communities and this is just a way for us to thank them for their service and their sacrifice,” said Pettyjohn.

The rally will begin at 7 PM.

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