Driver’s tests are changing in Maryland – Here’s what you need to know

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MARYLAND – Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration is changing the way they do driver’s tests amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “As we went to look at how we could safely reopen to protect our employees as well as the general public, one of the things was the non-commercial test,” said administrator Chrissy Nizer.

Nizer tells 47ABC that driving tests will be conducted entirely on a closed course and that the examiner will be outside the vehicle. “The new test is 100% on the closed course and the examiner is outside the vehicle. The individual who is testing has their windows down so we can make sure they’re doing all appropriate checking – their windows, their mirrors, that kind of thing,” said Nizer.

Both staff and applicants will be required to wear face coverings. “It is a requirement to wear a face covering when you’re taking the test. The examiner is still giving instructions to the applicant as they do maneuvers during the test,” said Nizer.

Another new development from MDOT MVA is that driver’s ed courses are being offered online during the state of emergency. “Most of the driving schools shut down during that time. So in order to make sure we were allowing people to be able to continue the classroom portion of driver’s ed,” said Nizer.

Nizer says that even if the test is conducted differently, people should still be prepared. “Practicing is really critical – making sure that they’re doing all their practice hours with a parent or guardian is really critical. We want to make sure that folks are safe from a standpoint – but roadway safety is clearly a top priority,” said Nizer.

Nizer says that for now, the MVA is limiting the number of driver’s tests being taken to ensure social distancing. If you’re looking to find an MDOT MVA approved dirving school offering classes online – you can visit the MDOT MVA’s website.

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