DHSS gives wrong Covid-19 results to Delaware patients

DELAWARE – A system error by the Department of Health may have put lives at risk. Out of close to 2800 COVID-19 tests taken at the Walgreens in Bridgeville, 12 people were incorrectly told they had tested negative.

Sen. Brian Pettyjohn (R)  confirmed this Friday morning.

“There were some issues with a manual system that they had in place temporarily, they since moved to an automated system so those manual problems, those paperwork problems won’t happen again,” Sen. Pettyjohn said.

But those problems may not have been discovered had it not been for a worst-case scenario that forced DPH to double-check its results. One of the patients who was told he was negative had to be rushed to the hospital days later with a severe case of COVID-19  after waking up at 2 am vomiting.

“He got very dizzy, he was in and out of consciousness and at three of four in the morning I said think you need to go to the hospital,” said Katey Evans.

Business owner Katey Evans put her family’s story out on Facebook Live Thursday night. A video that already has over 100 thousand views.

During the video, Evans details the nightmare scenario where she was forced to wait outside the medical center as a team of doctors uncovered the worst news, that DPH had given the wrong results for both her daughter and her husband.

“They’re black and white on paper what is right and what is wrong, cause my husband is laying in a hospital and he’s almost to the point of unresponsive right now and you’re telling me it’s how you interpreted it?” Evans said on Facebook.

47 ABC reached out to DPH to confirm the allegations.

In a statement, they said, “In the process of results delivery, 12 persons who tested positive for COVID-19 were inadvertently given negative results by phone due to an internal DPH system error…all individuals involved have already been contacted by DPH, and we apologized for the uncertainty the error has caused.”

According to Sen. Pettyjohn, out of the 12 who were misinformed, only Kevin Evans has a severe case of COVID-19.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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