Worcester schools getting ready for this summer’s in person learning, new guidelines being enforced

WORCESTER CO., Md.- School officials are trying to figure out how they are going to handle in-person learning this summer.

Right now, school leaders in Worcester County are planning on having all desks 6 ft. apart, having everyone wear masks, and not allowing kids to switch classrooms.

On top of that, there will be no more than 13 students allowed per room.

While we’re told this summer program will help students reconnect with their teachers, it will also help the school district plan for the upcoming school year.

“While we are using this summer as that reintroduction and recovery of learning, it also will be a great tool for informing us about the fall, we will learn some things with the smaller group,” Tamara Mills, Coordinator of Instruction for Worcester County, said.

Mills told us that the summer program will begin July 13 and last until August 13, and will be Monday through Thursday.

We’re told the program will happen at 13 of the 14 county schools for pre-k through 12th grade.

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