“United We Breathe”: Cambridge community participates in Juneteenth rally

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Dozens of people participated in a peaceful rally in Cambridge on Friday, organized by a new non-profit “United We Breathe.”

“We’re also celebrating over 155 years of being set free but technically still oppressed because that’s why we’re here now,” says Marjorie Vilson with United We Breathe. “Our goal is to form collaborations with our local community. I’m a Dorchester County native although I live in Anne Arundel County now. I believe I wanted the work to start where I’m from.”

People from all walks of life stood and kneeled along Route 50 in solidarity with the black community. “As a veteran, I took an oath to protect constitutional rights. Why shouldn’t I be out behind the people that I want to support,” says Hamilton Garces, a rally participant.

“We are basically coming together in peaceful protest against police brutality, discrimination and we’re just coming in the name of peace,” says Kristen Hicks, a rally participant.

Participants say they’re proud to be a part of a peaceful movement and will continue to take a stand against racism especially when hate presents itself. “I think everyone here has been leading by example especially the children. Some folks drove by and said something irrelevant and ignorant. The child was exposed to it and I said I’m so proud that you’re able to to be here,” says Garces.

Meanwhile, organizers say this is just the beginning and they’re going to continue fighting for equal and just treatment of all people. “So we just want to form some type of alliances to ensure that work is being done. We’re not just speaking it but we’re going to do the action behind it,” says Vilson.

The organizers also say they want to thank the Cambridge mayor, town manager and other city officials for allowing them to organize Friday’s peaceful rally.

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