“The Kid Professor”: 8-year-old Delaware kid makes YouTube videos to make people happy

LINCOLN, Del.- The kid professor, that’s what 8-year- old, Landon Pickett,  from Delaware goes by and he feels like he has a duty to brighten people’s days with his YouTube channel.

“I really wanted people to be very happy, but I wasn’t really expecting anything about being famous,” Landon said.

Landon went to his dad, Ryan Pickett,  last summer because he wanted to be a YouTuber.

“He was very shy and that was the goal was to get him out of his shell and get him doing something he enjoyed doing,” Ryan said.

And ever since then, the family has been trying to make meaningful content for viewers about Delmarva.

Most recently, they’ve been trying to bring positivity into people’s lives during these tough of times of COVID-19 and social unrest.

“I can make people feel better and let other people know of the places,” Landon said.

Ryan said these videos are a great way to teach kids about important topics that are crucial in making a difference for the future.

“We’re looking at doing one, a pep talk about ending prejudice so that we can look at ways that we can treat one another better because it’s a serious problem in the world,” Ryan said.

But the videos don’t just teach other kids, Landon hopes other kids will try to make their own, especially those who want to break out of their shell like he did.

“I think that they should because I think when they are shy, when they get a YouTube channel they get less shy,” Landon said.

As of right now, Landon has 35 videos out and he says he has no plans to stop any time soon.

Next, he plans on doing a video on lessons that you can learn from Disney movies.

If you want to go watch Landon’s other videos, you can head to his YouTube Page at The Kid Professor.

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