The Brightside: Local bodyguard gives back

OCEAN CITY, Md. – A celebrity bodyguard from Ocean City has been going above and beyond to give back to his community.

Bubba Almony has been bodyguarding since he was 17, and he’s been giving back just as long.

Almony said, “When you have successes in life, you have to give back, you have to be appreciative, you have to be humble and thankful and I just did that.”

Almony has paid for meals for families in need, delivered personal protective equipment to local hospitals and given pizzas to first responders too many times to count. He’s also an ambassador for an initiative called Bodyguards Against Bullying, where bodyguards make videos inspiring victims of bullying to persevere.

Almony said, “For me to kind of be a face of speaking out on bullying, not just in the nation but across the world, it’s powerful and I embrace that title.”

Everything Almony does is about protecting and uplifting others.

Almony said, “My why is bigger than me.”

So what inspired Almony to give back? It was largely his mentors, Ivory Smith with the NAACP and Al “Hondo” Handy, a beloved Ocean City community member.

Almony said, “When I got into my young twenties, I just wanted to go even more and my mentors really pushed that onto me to just give back.”

So whether its protecting people or lending a helping hand, you can always count on Almony to do good in his community.

Almony said, “Even when you’re at the top of the mountain, you can if you feel that you are, you can always reach down below and help others along your journey.”

Almony has bodyguarded for celebrities like P. Diddy, Vinny from Jersey Shore and more.

He has also worked at events like the 9/11 Memorial Event in New York City.

Almony also has a podcast where he inspires others called Bubba’s Bodyguard Podcast.

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