“That was not our message,” protestors reprimand looting of Dover Mall

DOVER, Del. – Dozens of protesters took to the streets of Dover Sunday demanding change and justice for the death of George Floyd. An unarmed black man who died in police custody last week.

“We’re just tired of it. It’s happened multiple times and it seems like they’re not getting held accountable for it,” said protester LaVaughn McCutchen.

Starting at Legislative Hall, protesters made their way through the city stopping at the Dover Police Department and City Hall. Hoping to get their message across.
“I’m tired of the black lives being taken it seems like it happens every year. It’s always the same thing, not enough evidence, or inconclusive, it’s always the same story it’s like a broken record it keeps repeating itself,” said McCutchen.
But after nearly three hours, the peaceful protest that was coming to an end took a turn when people began looting several stores around the city and inside the Dover Mall.
“Somebody somehow got into the mall and was able to pry the gate open a little bit and they must’ve unlocked the front doors to Forever 21. The inside, everything was flipped over. The racks, the clothes all over the place the alarm still today is going off in there,” said Jacob Ohlandt.
And as for those who saw what happened:
“It felt like it was just a kick in the face because it feels like our whole peaceful day just ended with something that should’ve never happened,” said McCutchen.
Which is why those who took part in Sunday’s protest want people to know that what happened that night, was in no shape or form part of their plan.
“That wasn’t our message that we were trying to give,” said McCutchen.
“It’s not going to bring justice for anyone. They are mad at the police and people think that just destroying everything they can is going to make a change but it isn’t,” said Ohlandt.
Dover police tell 47 ABC, that two people were arrested in connection with Sunday night’s looting incident.
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