Students react to planned plea deal in Salisbury University racist graffiti


SALISBURY, Md. – Nearly 3 and half months after the most recent racial graffiti was found on Salisbury university’s campus, authorities now say a 54-year-old black man is the one behind it.  Jerome Jackson from Princess Anne has signed a plea deal and is set to appear in front of a judge this Friday. Now, students from the university are reacting.

“The biggest question of them all has been answered. Who was this person? Who was the perpetrator?” Abiodun Adeoye said.

But with Jackson identified, some students are worried about the implications of a black man being charged with racist crimes.

“I don’t want people to get this idea that since that man wrote that and he was a black person, well anything that happens now you African American people can’t criticize white people about race,” Adeoye said.

Jackson allegedly is responsible for all of the incidents of racist graffiti on the campus between October and February. On one instance, it was written, hang an expletive month. The acts sparked unrest at the university and brought forth some change. But students say even more needs to be done even after Jackson has his day in court.

“Reform isn’t simply enough anymore when it goes this deeply into systems that governs us, that affects people, and affects black lives,” Fathima Rifkey said.

The announcement of Jackson’s plea also comes as the nation deals with protests related to the Black Lives Matter movement.  Rifkey tells 47 ABC she’s concerned law enforcement and the school released information in attempt to make students feel more at ease ahead of more planned protests at the university.

“It feels a little bit planned in correlation with what else we have planned, as a community have planned, to protest and to show our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and such,” she said.


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