Some community colleges see spike in student applications for Fall amid the pandemic

DELMARVA–The COVID-19 pandemic is causing some people to re-evaluate their plans for college. We’re told some students are now rerouting to community college to get started, rather than a four year institution.

“I’ve talked with colleges across the nation and they’re seeing some spikes at the community colleges where students are more interested at staying at home and working,” Kristin Mallory, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Wor-Wic Community College, said.

Mallory said since last May the college has seen a 32 percent increase in student applications for the Fall, and she is glad that the campus can serve as another, more affordable, option for students during this uncertain time.

“Students perhaps it’s not what they thought they’d have, it’s not going to be that residential experience, but it’s an experience for them to continue they’re learning,” Mallory said.

Wor-Wic said they are now busy preparing for this increase in students, while figuring out how to keep their students safe when they return to campus for some in-person classes.

“Spacing, it is 6 ft spacing, some of our classrooms and in the office areas installed pexi glass,” Mallory said.

While Wor-Wic said they are seeing a spike in applications, DelTech Community College said it’s still too early to tell what they’re numbers will look like, but they are preparing just in case they do see numbers rise.

“Our academic affairs team added about 20 percent more courses in a decent format for the fall in preparation for higher demand,” Dr. Mark Brainard, President of DelTech Community College said.

Overall, representatives from both Wor-Wic and DelTech said they are glad they can give people a sense of security during this time of unpredictability.

“A lot of people are looking at something they can count on and the local community college represents quality and value,” Brainard said.

Wor-Wic told us that Fall classes will begin September 9th.

Starting in July,  the community college will begin offering appointments to students to help them plan for their academic future.

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