Salisbury University unveils plan for fall semester during pandemic

SALISBURY, Md. – Colleges across Maryland are preparing for what the school year will look like this fall in response to the coronavirus pandemic. At Salisbury University, president Charles Wight tells 47 ABC that they have four levels planned out to decide what stage the university will operate. Level one being the college would operate as normal and level four, if coronavirus numbers get worse, would require the school to shut down to the public. As for on-campus housing, officials say they’re still trying to work that out, and may have to limit the number of off-campus housing in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Certainly we are going to have to hold back some of our on-campus housing for single occupancy rooms and also rooms where people who contract COVID-19 can self isolate,” said Wight.

As for freshman students, Wight tells 47ABC they’re currently taking freshman orientation online. He adds that the school will be providing in-person classes and remote learning as well.
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