PRMC Doctor: Testing people without symptoms, exposure is not helpful

SALISBURY, Md. – Dr. Chris Snyder at Peninsula Regional Medical Center says although things are moving in a positive direction, they are keeping their guard up until there’s better treatment and testing.

47 ABC asked Dr. Snyder about a recent statement made by Maryland officials. In an effort to encourage people to get tested for COVID-19, officials reminded residents that tests do not have an out of pocket cost at state-operated testing sites. They also said, “Marylanders do not need to exhibit symptoms or suspect exposure to COVID-19 in order to get tested.”

However, Dr. Snyder says that’s not necessarily how they want to approach coronavirus testing. “Clinically that’s not going to help me at all because I need to test people appropriately. We test based on symptoms and history. We don’t test based on governmental policy,” says Dr. Chris Snyder, the Chief Quality Officer at PRMC.

As for a second wave of coronavirus, Dr. Chris Synder says it’s hard to predict anything at this point but waves of any virus never fully stop. He says there are a lot of assumptions being made about how this virus may act but it’s likely that no one really knows what pattern it may take, if any.

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