Pocomoke Police Department and other members of the community hold peaceful rally for George Floyd

POCOMOKE, MD. – On Wednesday, people of all ages and races marched through Pocomoke in honor of George Floyd.

Todd J. Nock, a Pocomoke City Council Member said, “We are tired of seeing racism, you know? Everyone is created equally, no one is better than anyone else because of the pigmentation or their skin.”

The Pocomoke Police Department organized this march along with some other community members.

The rally began at 6:30 p.m. outside the Pocomoke Police Department and ended at the Pocomoke City Cypress Park with a prayer vigil.

The group Indivisible Worcester came out to support. Lyle Dillon, a member of Indivisible Worcester said, “With what we’ve been going through, I think we realized how much we need all the people of Worcester county. It’s great to see them coming together.”

Members of Indivisible Worcester said that they felt proud to be working with the police department because during a tough time like this, it’s important to come together.

“I want people to understand not all cops are bad, like a lot of them feel the same way that we do, and I want the community to understand that we need to work together to make a change,” Krystle Branch Milbourne, a member of Indivisible Worcester said.

The Pocomoke Police Chief said he knows how crucial it is to work with the community, and he wants them to know where he stands when it comes to the conflicts going on around the nation.

“I wanted to make sure that they understood that I don’t approve of that kind of conduct of that one officer,” Chief Brumley said.

Moving forward, these community members just hope their march serves as an example to others, leading to more peaceful protests across the country.

Nock said, “It just means the world is watching and Pocomoke, despite it being a small town, can be the change that this world needs to see.”

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