One mom putting on senior prom for Delaware students in July at Baywood Green Golf Course

DELAWARE–One mom of a senior in Delaware is trying to give seniors a prom that they will never forget.

Charity Sample said she recognizes that students missed out on many senior activities this year because of the pandemic.

That’s why she decided to host a prom for all Delaware seniors at Baywood Green Golf Course on July 11.

The night will be filled with food, a DJ, and giveaways.

Sample said despite students not being able to celebrate their senior year the way they wanted to, she hopes this prom will give them something to look forward to and smile about.

“A better ending to their senior year, some didn’t even get to have a regular graduation, some of them had to do that virtually, so hopefully this event will put the icing on the cake for their senior year,” Sample said.

Sample said the last day to purchase tickets for the prom is this upcoming Tuesday.

You can find more details about the prom and where to get those tickets on Sample’s Facebook page, at Charity Sample.

Plus, the senior pictures you saw in the story were taken by Kristina Jones, with Kapture The Moment by Kristina Jones. We are told she will be taking pictures for the event.

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