Olde Towne Cafe Receives Heinz Grant

SALISBURY, Md. — It’s a story of hope, positivity and maybe even fate regarding a downtown Salisbury coffee shop and cafe, who just found themselves on the receiving side of a grant from one of the largest American food companies.

According to cafe owner Vicente Hernandez, the Kraft Heinz company is granting Olde Towne Cafe $2,000 and it’s all thanks a loyal customer.

Hernandez says Heather Langford comes to the cafe regularly and they chat it up. Well, one day after seeing the ad for the grant entries online, Langford submitted the restaurant for consideration.

The best part about this story is that Langford actually gave Heinz the wrong number, which was an innocent mistake. But the odds were in the restaurant’s favor because Heinz was still able to find the little cafe on Main Street.

Hernandez says he thought it was pretty cool. He says, “At first I was kind of leery just because, internet competition with Heinz. I’m assuming how many people apply for these things.” He goes on explaining his excitement and disbelief that he actually won the grant for his business.

Hernandez also mentions that the grant will help in taking stress off of him as he worries what would happen if there’s a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. He also says he appreciates the costly lesson he’s learned from the pandemic.

If you’re looking to support his business, the Olde Towne Cafe is located at 120 North Division Street in downtown Salisbury.

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