Ocean City visitors react to brawl on boardwalk

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Early Wednesday morning, a violent brawl erupted on the boardwalk at around 4th Street in Ocean City and it was all caught on camera.

The video, which was recorded by a visitor at approximately 12:46 a.m., shows a crowd of about 40 to 50 people in a frenzy on the boardwalk. At one point, a person wearing a black shirt appears to get knocked unconscious, he’s then hit several more times. Moments later, another person is kicked and beaten by a number of people. The whole ordeal lasted about four minutes.

Mark Hoffman, an Ocean City visitor said, “I’ve been coming here my whole life, and what I’ve seen since we got here Sunday is very sad, very disgusting.”

Tyler Nerret, an Ocean Pines resident said, “I kind of felt uncomfortable seeing someone get knocked out like that.”

Police say they were not called to the scene until nearly three minutes after the initial fight broke out, and they say this wasn’t the only act of violence on the boardwalk that night. Police say there were two other assaults on the boardwalk, one on 11th Street, and another on 16th Street.

Hoffman said, “Ocean City, we’ve got to do some soul searching right here because you’re circling the drain, circling the drain bad.”

Mayor Rick Meehan weighed in on the recent violence in Ocean City. He said, “We are horrified by the actions displayed on social media…This behavior has no place in Ocean City and violence will not be tolerated.”

Some are now suggesting the town make major changes to keep visitors and residents safe.

Hoffman said, “They’ve got to come up with a curfew on the boardwalk. Once the businesses are closed, there’s no need to be on the boardwalk, it should be shut down.”

But on Wednesday, police told us a curfew would not be happening.

Police are now asking anyone who might have any information on the identity on the victims or suspects involved in the brawl to give them a call at 410-520-5136.

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