“Ollie’s Free Jokes”: Lewes mom and son set up joke stand

LEWES, Del. – A five-year old in Delaware knows life can be pretty hard so he’s on a mission to make others smile right from his own front lawn.

“On hot summer days I like telling jokes and bringing my water right over there,” says Ollie Teed.

Five-year old Ollie Teed is working hard these days, just trying to make people laugh. “What did the Dalmatian say after lunch? That hit the spot. Get it? Because they have spots. That’s actually pretty funny.”

Ollie’s grandma suggested he set up a joke stand because he’s always making her laugh. “What is a cat’s favorite color? Purrrrple.”

So Ollie made a sign with the help of his mom that reads “Ollie’s Free Jokes”. Together they sit outside in their Lewes neighborhood and wait. “Some people walk by and some people drive by,” says Ollie.

He’s only been at it for two days but he’s already told quite a few jokes. “Yesterday ten and today now twelve.”

Ollie says he knows so many that sometimes he forgets some of them and has to look them up in his joke book. “I have a duck one that I can’t remember.”

As to why Ollie likes telling jokes, he says the answer is pretty easy. “I think making everybody feel better,” says Ollie. “They come to my joke stand and they just feel better because I make them feel better.”

Ollie says he doesn’t necessarily want to be a comedian when he grows up, he actually wants to be a soldier.

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