Juneteenth caravan organized in Salisbury, escorted by police

SALISBURY, Md. – About one hundred cars drove through Salisbury on Friday evening as part of a caravan celebrating Juneteenth.

The cars lined up at the Civic Center and were escorted by police, driving by the newly named Black Lives Matter Boulevard and circling back to the Civic Center. Many of the cars were decorated with balloons, ribbons, signs and window paint. Organizers say with COVID-19 still prevalent they wanted a safe way for the community to celebrate this holiday.

Meanwhile, participants say they are proud to see a celebration of this magnitude happen in their community. “It needs to be known worldwide. Big or small it doesn’t matter and I think it’s a great thing on the Eastern Shore and Salisbury in particular,” says Adrienne Jenkins, a Salisbury resident and caravan participant.

“My mother taught us to treat everyone the same and this is what this is all about and I’m glad it’s happening,” says Keith Short, a Sussex County resident and caravan participant.

Organizers say they’re encouraging people to make their voices heard beyond this caravan by attending council meetings and contacting elected officials. After the caravan, organizers encouraged people to head to a different Juneteenth celebration in Princess Anne.

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