How a courtroom encounter landed a teen with a free car

EASTON, Md. –  In 2018 Kasai Thompson and Doug Marshall found themselves on the opposite side of a courtroom.  Thompson, 16 at the time, had followed a friend into an unlocked home that belonged to Marshall.  The cops were called and Thompson admitted fault. Fast-forward to the court date, that was the first time Thompson met Marshall, Marshall was there to give an impact statement.

Something special happened in that courtroom though.

“I was just completely overwhelmed by the amount of love for the young man from the family and I did not want to sit idly and let him get into the system,” Marshall said.

Marshall said Thompson’s story of coming from a single-mother family struck a chord with him. So he asked the court to become Thompson’s mentor, promising that if he met certain requirements that he would reward the young man.

Thompson held up his end of the deal, graduating high school this year.

But no one in Thompson’s family anticipated what that reward would be, a car completely paid for by Marshall and a job opportunity at Preston Automotive.

Gathered at Idlewild Park Thursday afternoon, Marshall pulled off the surprise, shocking the Thompson and his family.

“It goes to show they are good people out here you know,  like I said they met on opposite sides you know the whole situation could have gone bad,” said Lakesha Benson, Thompson’s mother.

For Thompson, having Marshall in his life has helped tremendously. Although he’s a man of few words, his message to others is simple.

“Don’t hang around the wrong people, tell the truth, and don’t worry about what everybody else got to thinks,” Thompson said.

Right now Thompson is set to start driving school in August and once he finishes, Marshall says Thompson will have a job opportunity for him with Preston Automotive’s custom paint division.


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