Head of Beebe Healthcare to serve on coronavirus advisory committee

LEWES, Del. – The head of Beebe healthcare will help other officials in Delaware prepare for a possible second wave of the coronavirus by serving on Governor John Carney’s Pandemic Resurgence Advisory Committee.

Dr. David Tam, who is the President and CEO of Beebe healthcare, and the rest of the committee will plan for a possible resurgence of the virus in the fall or winter and provide written reports to the Governor with their findings.

Dr. Tam says he’s honored to serve, and that the committee is essential to keeping Delawareans safe in the future.

He says that, when the virus made it’s way to Delaware, the best way to flatten the curve was to shut down the state. If there is a second peak in the fall, Dr. Tam says the committee is hoping to find ways to avoid another shutdown.

“We want to avoid that, if possible, and that requires really developing ways to monitor and test and keep an eye out for this infection to come back,” he said.

The committee will provide their first report to the governor by the end of next month and the second report in September.

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