Gov. John Carney signs Executive Order #39 to create Pandemic Resurgence Advisory Committee

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DELAWARE — On Monday, Governor John Carney took action to make sure Delawareans stay safe if coronavirus makes a resurgence in the first state.

The governor issued an executive order, creating a Pandemic Resurgence Advisory Committee or PRAC to plan for a potentially dangerous resurgence of coronavirus in the fall.

Under the executive order the PRAC will Develop a healthcare system and public health strategy that’s ready in case of a resurgence of COVID-19. The committee will also Identify tactics and resources to manage the virus including – testing capabilities, personal protective equipment, social distancing, economic recovery and health facility readiness.

In addition, the governor says PRAC will be required to obtain methods to protect vulnerable populations and consider disproportionate effects on minority-owned businesses in the event of a resurgence of COVID-19.

The PRAC will produce and submit two written reports of its findings and recommendations to the Governor  by July 31st and the second by September 30th.

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