Dover Mayor, NAACP members hold meeting to discuss Sunday’s protest

DOVER, Del. – On Monday, the city of Dover’s Mayor, Chief of Police, clergymen, and members of the NAACP gathered to discuss plans moving forward to help unite the city. Mayor Robin Christiansen made it very loud and clear that he would do whatever it takes to makes sure residents in Dover feel safe, protected, and heard. In response to the looting that took place Sunday, Mayor Christiansen says that the curfew he put into effect for the city from 9 PM until 6 AM still remains in effect until further notice.

However, when addressing the community Christiansen said, “I recognize acknowledge that the organizers of both of these groups were not involved in the vandalism and behavior that took place last night. Those who peacefully protested, your voices and concerns are recognized.”

Also in Monday’s meeting, ideas were brought up on how to make the relationship better between residents and the police. The president of the NAACP chapter in Delaware recommended looking at establishing a citizen’s board to review the police departments’ use of force, and even having access to complaints made against officers. But ultimately, everyone came to an agreement that this is a discussion that needs to continue in order to make a change.
“We have to hold our elected officials accountable. We really do, we do have to be committed to our young people we have to be committed to making a difference in this community,” said NAACP member, Reverend Rita Paige.
Mayor Christiansen added that his door is always open, and he is willing to discuss any matter, or concern residents may have with himself, and even the Chief of Police, to help heal the community.
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