Dover approves city budget, no tax or fee increases

DOVER, Del. – The city of Dover has approved its budget for the 2021 fiscal year with no increases in taxes or fees.

The budget was approved by a vote of seven to two. Officials say it was an easy budget to pass adding there were some adjustments given the current economic situation and the pandemic. The city agreed to grant a 60 day extension for people paying property taxes which means the new deadline is September 30th. Officials say they are proud that services will not be changed despite the fact that revenue projections are down.

“The city staff and manager did a very good making sure that all the services are going to be maintained and we did not have to increase taxes for revenues. We were able to move things around,” says Council President William Hare.

City officials also approved money to help with diversity training for Dover Police officers and they are still hoping the state can help with funding for police body cameras.

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