Crisfield’s new police chief meeting with the community and making future plans for the town

CRISFIELD, Md.- The town of Crisfield swore in their new police chief, David Dalfonso, on June third and so far he is getting to know what the community would like to see from him.

“Learning the culture here, learning what’s important to the citizens here is something that’s currently going on you know it’s going to be an ongoing process,” Dalfonso said.

Dalfonso has a background of working for the Maryland State Police for 25 years and wants to bring want he learned there to Crisfield.

“So, I’m going to apply a lot of what I learned from the State Police here because it’s tried and true, I know it works, some of that being policy, some of that being community policing techniques,” Dalfonso said.

Some community members we spoke with said they think Dalfonso will be a asset to Crisfield and hope he can address problems there.

” I’d like to see education with our community, I’d like to see him bring a sense of diversity and inclusion in our city,” Shawna Kearsley, Executive Director of Crisfield Arts Syndicate, said.

“Drugs is a problem in every community, and so certainly they need to see how we can do better,” Charlotte Scott, a candidate for City Council, said.

Dalfonso said he recognizes the current climate of what’s happening in our nation when it comes to police and he is taking action to make sure his officers have the right training.

“I am looking at our policies here making sure we have everything in place should we have an incident occur. I’m reaching out to all the community because I wanna make those connections should we have an incident here,” Dalfonso said.

We are told that so far Dalfonso is sticking to his word of being out in the community and right now that’s what’s needed most.

“What’s happening in the country right now, in the world right now, having a police chief who fully understands that we’re looking for someone who partners with the community and he’s all about that, Kearsley said.

Dalfonso said that he wants to bring back a bicycle police unit for the town.

He also can’t wait to meet more of the community at future events like the Crisfield Clam Bake and Labor Day festivities.

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