Cooking with Lynn: Stuffed tomatoes, and using veggies in your kitchen


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SALISBURY, Md. – It’s time to get cooking again, as 47 ABC continues to bring you recipes and cooking tips straight from Lynn Matava, a nutrition educator with the University of Maryland Extension’s SNAP Ed program.

“It’s June, so I thought it’d be really fun to start playing around with some of the local produce,” Matava said as she introduced us to stuffed tomatoes.

To start, Matava scooped out the insides of a tomato, but then chopped up what she scooped up and put that into a bowl. Matava then added a chopped up peach into the bowl, a chopped up cucumber, and some corn. For the corn, you could use fresh corn, frozen, or canned – whichever you prefer or have on hand!

Once all the veggies were in the bowl, Matava added a tablespoon of olive oil (vegetable oil would work!), some lemon or lime juice, and then whatever spices you like on top!

From there, you can add whatever you like to the bowl. Matava added some mozzarella cheese, but if that’s not your thing, you can add whatever is in your refrigerator or whatever you have on deck.

“I had some fresh basil I’m also going to add to this,” Matava said.

Matava says once all your ingredients are mixed together, you can put them back into the makeshift bowl you made out of the scooped-out tomato. Then, she says let the tomatoes chill in the refrigerator for a bit so all the flavors can mix together. You can eat them alone as a snack, or Matava suggests serving them alongside grilled chicken or whatever else you’re eating for dinner!

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