Community members work towards saving Hambrooks Bar Light

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – Some people in Cambridge are stepping up to help save an old lighthouse on the Choptank River from demolition.

The Coast Guard has been planning to demolish the Hambrooks Bar Light due to the rough shape it’s in, but Maryland Congressman Andy Harris says the demolition has been delayed after he discovered a group was trying to save it.

Congressman Harris says this delay will give people in the community enough time to find alternatives so that the lighthouse, which was established in 1902, is in good hands.

“It really does need to be preserved if at all possible and we’ve worked to try to get the Coast Guard to delay the demolition so that some local groups can step forward and preserve the light as it is,” said Harris.

One of the ways they want to preserve it is by putting it into a museum for example.

Congressman Andy Harris tells 47ABC this lighthouse is an important part of the Eastern Shore’s history.

47ABC reached out to the Coast Guard for a comment, but we have yet to hear back.

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