Boy Scouts add “diversity and inclusion” merit badge


DOVER, Del. – Boy Scouts of America is launching a new merit badge known as the “diversity and inclusion” badge and it’s in direct support of Black Lives Matter.

The badge will take components from their “citizenship in the community” and “American cultures” merit badges. Officials say it will be required for all future Eagle Scouts but the timeline for when this badge will be required is still being worked out as well as the exact curriculum.

Local scout officials say this emphasizes the core elements of their programs and philosophy. “I think it further highlights the values we have in the scouts. As an organization, we don’t condone discrimination or racism and we’re going to do out part working with the community and public in making sure scouts understand that as well as our leaders,” says Robert Nakagawa, the Scout Executive of Del-Mar-Va Council.

In a release, the organization says it hasn’t been as brave as it should have been when it comes to calling out racism. They also said they’ll be reviewing property names, events and insignia to “ensure that symbols of oppression are not in use today or in the future.”

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